Activism via Social Networking

Nepalese from all walk of life, students professionals as well as a broad alinces of citizens are now following the slogan ‘Jyala pura liyau, aba sambidhan deu’.

‘Jyala pura liyau, aba sambidhan deu’ is organized by Nepal Unites. Nepal unites is an informal group of concerned Nepali citizens demanding the timely draft of the Constitution and the conclusion of peace process. These people share the common ground for activism , digital media.

This growing mass of Nepal unites (coined as twitteratis; very, very angry youths, white color urbanites from our respected critics) is organizing rallies, events, concerts and interned base campaign to make the law maker understand those ninety five minutes they provided to writing constitution on Nepal in last three years was their incompetence and dishonesty to Nepalese citizen.