‘We love trees, that’s why we made a shop with one inside.’  This is what the Earthy team had to say when I asked them about their new shop in Kupondole, with remarkably creative earthy interiors.  Their brand name is Earthy and this team comprising of Srijana Limbu, Julian James and Subin Shakya are a team of young and creative trio with diverse backgrounds.  Srijana with her love for environment, Julian with his artistic imaginations and Subin with his presentation and marketing, synergize to create original designs for their hemp T – Shirts.  But Branded Nepali t-shirts are not all you find in their shop.  They have a section for handcrafted leather belts, exclusively designed and custom-fitted for individual customers.  They also have Earthy Craft, a collection of creative handicrafts built by the team themselves, and collected from other Nepali brands like the awesome Masala Beads along with various Hemp accessories.  So they are a couple of enthusiastic Nepali ‘ketos and keti’ trying to differentiate their Made-in-Nepal products, so go check them out to find out if they did!

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