Google+ Google+ Google+!

This was what everyone’s mind was screaming about a month ago. The fact that the site had gained 20 million users after just three weeks of operation (and that was the ‘invite-only’ phase) clearly speaks of its popularity. So what is G+? What is it that made everyone go crazy about this site when there are clearly other related websites?

Google+ is a social-networking site by Google. Many people had named it ‘The Facebook Killer!’ Needless to say, this name served to increase its demand even more. Facebook, the social networking giant, had everyone hooked (which it still has, no doubt). Yet, all of a sudden this new site appeared which was said to throw that giant out of the market. Everybody, especially those who like to keep abreast of new technologies, became intrigued by this curious new site and wanted to know more about its special features and services. This intrigue was compounded by difficulty in registering, which afforded users a sense of exclusivity. At first the members could simply invite the people they wished but the high demand from users compelled the administrators to block the invitations.

Well, blocking the invites only increased its already high demand. If people are said told they are not allowed to open a locked box, they will try everything in their power to get that box open. A similar situation emerged with G+. Everyone wanted to join and everyone wanted to see what it was all about. Hence the 20 million users in three weeks, a feat that no other site has been able to achieve. Moreover, Facebook was, for some long term users, becoming old and boring so a new social networking site seemed just the perfect thing. It was quite interesting to see people’s Facebook status and tweets (mine included) exclaiming ‘I want a G+ account!’

So how does it differ from Facebook and other social networking sites? The concept of ‘circles’ in G+ is quite similar to lists in Facebook and Twitter; one simply creates a circle or uses the default ones to add people. Then you can just share it with the circle you like. Each time before sharing a post, the user selects the circle they intend to share it with; that makes it easier to limit the availability to the ones we want. Then, there are sparks. These are similar to the interest pages; there are different fields to choose from such as fashion, movies, recipe, novels, dogs and Harry Potter (these are the ones I have added).  News related to these topics can then be displayed with just one click. The site is also easily accessible.  One can be using Gmail or Google search or any other Google app and then check G+ from the same page. So, even if you are searching for your college assignment on Google, you can simply click the top right notifications tab to access G+. And, of course, there is the great tracking capacity of G+; I was shocked when it pinpointed my exact location on the first attempt.

Well, even though it hasn’t exactly ‘killed’ Facebook as first expected, G+ is certainly attracting a lot of users in its beginning phase. What you have read are just my personal opinions as a G+ user. I have only touched on a few basic elements as I haven’t explored the site deeply. So there are still so many features left to be discovered. But, don’t blame me; Twitter, Facebook, mails, chats and now G+ really is a lot to handle at the same time!


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