The Imprints of a Soul

(Part 3) Rebirth
Give me your hand,
The child whispered to me.
I’ll take you somewhere
Alive and free.
It was in those hands,
I saw the fate
Of awakening.
In those shimmering eyes,
I saw the life
that was calling.
A longing
to be.
Another chance,
you may call it.
The day it all began.


(Part 4) The End of the Beginning
I remember.
I remember the tears
behind the veil.
The cries
Of scales
Digging into my pink flesh.
The vultures arriving.
Talons and decay.
Nothing left.
‘One last breath,
I beg you.’
She cried.
And as she opened her eyes,
the madness died.
The vermillion pools of
Scarlet red.
Another stranger
she thought
was dead.
He said to her,
‘Believe in me
when the candle flickers,
behind the iron gate.’
‘Don’t let it fade away.’
‘Just wait.

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