Upper Crust @ Krishna Villa

The spectacular and paranomic view of Kathmandu Valley was undeniably the most alluring and breathtaking one that Upper Crust attendees must have seen in a long time. All the houses and buildings lit with vibrant lights made it look like this city is still breathing and alive despite being the confluence of politics, pollution and population. Like a wise man once said, ‘There’s heaven everywhere. You just need to be in the right spot to see it…’ Well the wise man is justified at Krishna villa that rests in the heart of Budanilkantha. The Upper Crust event that entertained and kept the crowd on a jolly beat was surely one of those events that featured some very creative and acclaimed musicians in a boutique resort where luxury and recreation becomes a state of mind.

The band Outrage Us (Mahesh Tandukar, Ian Eustis and Kismat D. Shrestha) did some jazz and funk numbers followed by Kristina Allen , backed up by Sunny Tuladhar, Abhisekh Bhadra and Kiran Shahi. They played Allens poputlar song like Pani Paryo and Walk Away from her new debut album- ‘Nabadhana’ and also did some cover songs.  The members of Monkey Temple covered some good numbers like Joker and the thief. Space Cake Break, who enticed the crowd with their original numbers like ‘This Box’, ‘Facing West’, ‘Maggots Dream’, ‘Donna’, and May be Bay.

Krishna Villa represents fine food, luxury and lifestyle at its best. Gone are the days when only the privileged had the opportunity to wine and dine in luxury. Krishna Villa is open for anyone and everyone who likes living life king size and with a swag. The only downside being the fact that reservation should be taken beforehand. It is an ethereal hideaway for people searching for paradise on earth accompanied by gastronomically pleasant food, wine and a marvelous stay. The restaurant (La Vally View Restro & Bar) at Krishna Villa Resort serves mainly fusion gourmet French and Italian food. This year Krishna villa introduces premium caviar, foie gras, escargot, turkey, lime sorbet, Italian artisan ice creams, macaroons and several out door packages to entice your senses. It also presents wide ranges of menus from standard to V.I.P. The services become more personalised and the cutleries refined as you upgrade the menus. When you dine at Krishna villa, it’s the special treatment you get that makes the dining experience so much worthwhile. However, there are only three different themed rooms open for stay, the villa’s forte being quality rather than quantity. Each room has been detailed, customised and designed keeping in mind the taste and choice of varied customers. It’s these little details and extra effort that make the customer’s stay and dining experience memorable for a lifetime. Visit the resort once, you won’t regret it.

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