An Evening with Mattia IA Eklundh

Metal enthusiasts, especially the hardcore guitarists watched the very well known guitarist and vocalist Mattias IA Eklundh, in awe as he took over the stage at an event organized by Silence Entertainment. The Swedish talent has worked with the bands Freak Kitchen, Frozen Eyes, Fate, The Jonas Hellborg Trio, and Art Metal; as well as having released several noted solo albums.
The evening started with a clinic session with Eklundh, which lasted for an hour. During the 60 minutes, he entertained the audience with his impeccable guitar skills along with some songs. This was then followed by a 30 minute brainstorming interaction session where he was bombarded with queries from the inquisitive audience. The questions kept coming one after another regarding instruments, skills, tips and more, and Mattias was always happy to answer. With his very good sense of humour, he kept the crowd in place and left them craving for more useful ideas and tips.
While the man of the hour was Mattias and his beautiful work on his instrument, the main objective of the workshop was to promote LANEY AMPLIFIERS. Mattias IA Eklundh endorses and is a grand ambassador for LANEY. Since Silence Entertainment (P) ltd. is the sole distributor of LANEY systems for Nepal, it brought the outstanding musician, and composer here to share his professional knowledge about the system. He, himself has been a loyal, satisfied customer to this system for more than a decade now and he let others know the reason behind it. LANEY has been manufacturing a wide variety of products to tailor to it’s customer’s satisfaction and continues to do so. online casino slot games

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