Reading under the Sky

Scheduled to be released by the first week of September, Reading under the sky is a short film directed by Prasun Sindhuliya and produced by Monalisa Moving Still. He is also the screenwriter of this 32 minute film. The movie has Ramsharan, Dhiraj Tamang and Prabin khadka who are also real life orphans and have recently ran away from their Orphanage. ‘Many plots of the movie is based on real life’- says Prasun who confirms that there was a mixed response from the audience when it was screened for the first time in Oscar international college of film study. Other actors include Sushil Upreti, Prakash Rokka, Salap Thapa and Mandip Gautam. The film is basically about the adventures of four street children whos lives change after they encounter with a good luck while collecting the garbage.

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