Silence Festival

This October, the people of Kathmandu are going to behold one of the biggest musical events in Nepal-ever. Silence Entertainment will once again be organising their annual show,  ‘Silence fest’, where bands from different countries and of different genres will share their music on the same stage. To be organised on Jawalakhel Football Grounds on October 15 this year, the event is excitedly being awaited by all heavy metal – hard rock fans of Kathmandu. And looking at the great lineup there is, a huge crowd is being expected at the show.

Much of the excitement follows the energy of the previous ‘Silence Fest’. The team organized the first of this event last year at the same venue to a huge success.  Different local and foreign bands performed including Enigmatik from Switzerland and Motherrocker’s Gang from Sweden.

But the bands this year are even larger, the highlight of the show being one of the most inspirational death metal bands-VADER! Yes, the polish death metal giants from the early 80’s will be coming to town, a dream come true for all death metal fans in Kathmandu, thanks to Silence Entertainment. The other bands that will be playing are also quite impresive, including Helmut, a metalcore band from Switzerland, Inner Guilt from Lebanon, Innercore from Hongkong and our own Antim Grahan, Hatebook and new Rock N’ Roll band Underside from Nepal.

With the highs of the first Silence Fest still fresh in our minds, expectations are that this year will not only be louder, but bigger, better and more memorable. The lights and sound setup, done by the organisers themselves, are hoped to be as good as last year too.

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