Cuppas – Sip. Chat. Work. Relax.

The city of Kathmandu has a reputation for a lot of things but one of them has not been coffee. An average coffee drinker here in Kathmandu is still satisfied with the sub-par coffee that the typical coffee joint ever so happily pumps out. But, amidst this coffee desert, there has been a recent opening in the form of Cuppas which, despite seeming like a distant oasis, is now right on our doorstep in Putalisadak.

Founded and run by a family of hard working and fun loving people, Cuppas’ objective is to simply serve pure and organic Nepalese coffee. The founder duo, Yuki Poudyal and Prashakta Poudyal call it the place to ‘sip, chat, work and relax.’ By looking at the variety of customers it holds one cannot help but agree. The moment you walk into Cuppas, the smell of the fresh ground coffee beans sends your senses into overdrive, you know you have entered another world away from the hustle and bustle of life in Kathmandu – and you really can’t help but smile.

Even though there are a million reasons to smile, one of the main reasons must be when one gets together with a gang of good friends at a regular junction which becomes your life’s little escape pod. Cuppas is all that and more. With the availability of high speed wi-fi internet connection, Cuppas-goers have the perfect place to work away from work. So, go ahead, order that café latte and the ice-cream brownie, and sit back relax; take a book that you’ve been meaning to finish, or catch up with those long lost friends on facebook. One of my favourite pastimes is, however, approaching people for a chat if you think they and or you can use the company! Cuppas brings all sorts of people together – the local artists, aspiring musicians, big shot businessmen, lost travellers and even noisy groups of college students.

As you step in one is greeted with young and friendly Baristas wearing funky Barista T-shirts printed with interesting coffee terms. The space created by eccentric artsy walls off to the right is a hub for young professionals out for a quick bite or informal meetings.  But if you’re seeking a more chilled setting, a more relaxed corner off to the left is usually occupied by aspiring young people strumming their guitars, creating music, working with their laptop or reading a book from the Cuppas collection. You dictate your style.

So, next time you go to Cuppas, smile, if you aren’t already -It’s infectious! Who knows, you might meet your future business partner or even your soul mate, better yet, you might find both in one. Next time you see someone smiling at you, why not say hi? You never know what might happen. And for those yet to try Cuppas or others who don’t go very often, go out and get into Cuppas vibe. One will soon find their own little piece of coffee shop karma.