NADA Auto Show

NADA Auto Show 2011 kicked off on September 7 with the theme ‘Auto Show for Road Safety’. The five-day show was held at Bhrikuti Mandap Exhibition Hall from September 5 to September 7. The show comprised of 43 different stalls from various automobile companies. The sixth autoshow had a massive sales record of around 200 four-wheeler cars and 100 bikes from different brands. The autoshow gathered a lots of crowd in the two-wheelers stall which included stalls from brands like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Bajaj, Demak, Hyosung, Hardford, Global Bike and Piaggio. Honda bike stall proved itself appealing with its Rider Training Machine. And on the four-wheelers, Hyundai’s showroom was able to win ‘The Best Stall Award’ with the maximum number of bookings.

Going with the theme of the show, Nepal Automobile Dealers’ Association focused a lot in the road safety issue. The show included a stall from traffic police where one could get information related to traffic awareness. The traffic police stall displayed various photos on traffic awareness and also videos were screened throughout the event. Also a seminar was organised on traffic safety and management to aware general public of the safety on roads.

House of Alternative Apparel

Malvika Subba along with her childhood friend Manish Pandit officially announced the launch their fashion and creative design house – ‘House of Alternative Apparels’ at Uttar Dhoka, Lazimpat on 20th August 2011 Saturday. The event witnessed some of their close friends, family, celebrities, supporters and keen fashion people who were eagerly waiting for the official launch of the clothing store.

For the time being House of Alternative Apparel features three clothing labels. Eco Essentials is a pure organic line which promotes in organic wear.  Just T’s solely focus on summer t-shirts with cool graphics and quotes. Aira which is solely a girls brand will be an assortment of everything for women from corporate, summers to cocktails dresses. Leading Nepali fashion designer Mr. Tenzin Tseten Bhutia has also designed an exclusive collection for Aira. All of these labels will be available in three different standard sizes’”Small, Medium and Large.

HAA mainly focuses on bringing out affordable, innovative and quality products to its clients. Prices of the HAA’s T-shirts start at Rs 750, Eco Essentials start at Rs 1,000, casual women’s wear costs around Rs 1,500 and evening wear are priced at Rs 2,000 and above. According to the co-founder of HAA, Miss Malvika Subba, these products are targeted at the 20-40 year age group. These products have also been featured in targeting international customers.

We Feel Responsible, DON’T YOU?

At a time when the country is going through a rough time and not many of us seem to care, ‘network De social worker’ in collaboration with ‘Mero Desh Merai Dayitwo’ made an attempt to focus in raising voices for constitution drafting. It is an effort to show the political leaders that some of us do care about the tasks they are neglecting.

The three days campaign took place on 7th, 9th and 14th September at Civil Hospital, Basantapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square respectively. They were all 15 minutes silence process; starting at 5:30pm and ending at 5:45pm, where the youths stood quietly in the place with placards displaying messages of public frustration and anger. It was a platform for people to step out of their private lives to create a public voice. The brightest side to this campaign was that, people who actually cared didnt hesitate to step forward and joined in the group. This was a healthy and civil protest to demand accountability from the senior lawmakers and politicians.

Sometimes, action speaks louder than words..but at times like these SILENCE speaks volumes.

GIG-4 Perfect Dehumanization

On August 27, Mortem – a local team that organizes underground gigs, collaborated with Silence Entertainment to manage the stage/sound and lights for GIG-4 Perfect Dehumanization, which was a selection of performances by various local underground bands.

The gig kicked off at around 2:00 in Silence Street, Tangal with Spinal Discord performing  originals such as Crop Circles, Dirt, etc. They also did a cover of the Parkway Drive song Pandora.  Nakinjhyaa, a death metal band from Patan were the next band on stage and they had their originals too, namely, Blood 99, Raptured and The Doppelganger. They also did a Necrophagist cover-Foul Body Autopsy. Consequence, was the next band, they played Happy by Mudvayne, Psychosocial by Slipknot and another cover. They left the stage with huge appreciation from the crowd. Next Up Were Divine Influence, who put up a very tight performance with Lamb Of God’s Laid To Rest and their other originals. After Divine Influence-black metal band Garudh entered the stage doing a Satyricon cover-Mother North and three of their originals-Warnings of Impending Doom, Cursing them all in his dying words and Engraining the fingers of prayers. Went wild! Next, on stage were Rage Hybrid a new age influenced band who did a Parkway Drive cover-Bournyard, Blister Exists a Slipknot cover and some of their originals that made the crowd mosh.  Bidroha, a thrash metal band had a Metallica Cover-License to Kill, a slayer cover and some of their originals. Black Sins Immortal gave one of the best performances of the day with  cannibal corpse’s covers with songs like make them suffer, Decapitated’s Lying and weak, and some of their originals like Animated Apocalypse, causing some serious head banging. After them the most awaited band- Lost Oblivion performed. As usual, they were exactly what the crowd was looking for. They did 30-30/150, a Stone Sour cover. Dig, a Mudvayne cover, Duality/Before I Forget-Slipknot covers. God Hates Us All and August Burns red cover. The band also made their mark with originals such as Twilight Ending In Red and Horror never stops. The finale was the new band ‘Underside’,who performed a couple of their outstanding originals

GIG-IV certainly proved to be the best in the gig-series, which has been happening for a few years now.  Thanks to the support of ktmROCKS and budding interest in the underground scene, we can now hope for better gigs.  Thank you and a good luck to the Mortem And Silence Entertainment collaboration.